Terms of Use

Thank you for reading my terms of use.
These terms apply whether you read them or not.

This is a NO drama zone!

You may order up to 5 sig tags a week

Sigs are only for you unless it is specified (friends, family)
You must link back to PbInc
No use on LJ, social media.
DO NOT claim as your own work.
DO NOT tube, resize, recolor or alter in anyway.
DO NOT rip apart and use in your own work.
You MUST include your url when ordering so that I may check to make sure my terms are being followed.
I can and will change my terms at any time.
NO hotlinking to any images(s) on this site.
DO NOT offer these tags for download on your site.
If you use in email or on your site you
MUST link back to PbInc
with a text link.

Thank you again for reading my terms!